All members of The Midlands Kite Fliers are covered by a Public Liability Insurance to fly kites anywhere in the world for pleasure – including all MKF fly-ins and events and at other kite group fly-ins and kite festivals.

To benefit from the cover the member should be able to demonstrate that they have taken all reasonable care to protect themselves, other people and property from damage.

If the member causes any loss to a third party whilst flying a kite, the third party can claim on the club insurance for up to 5 million UK pounds. The insurance is only available to members normally resident in the UK.

MKF members are also covered by a ‘Member to Member’ Liability Insurance – members can claim on the policy if they suffer loss as a result of another members’ flying activities. This may not apply if the member is entitled to indemnity under another policy.

Note 1:

A claim may be refused if the flier was found to be flying a kite dangerously. In order to ensure that members do not invalidate the policy it is important that:

  • they maintain their equipment in good condition and use equipment that is suitable for the weather conditions (manufacturers often specify a wind speed range);
  • only fly in weather conditions for which the members’ skill and equipment are suitable;
  • ensure that there are no obvious hazards to flying a kite;
  • ensure there is a suitable safety margin between where the member is flying and people, animals, buildings and vehicles. This margin will vary dependent on what they are flying, the site and the weather conditions.

Note 2:

The Midlands Kite Fliers have risk assessed traction kiting and have decided that the risks are greater than the club can manage. As a result MKF will not support claims arising as a result of an accident through traction kiting.

Exceptions to this Policy:

  • The first £500 of each and every claim in respect of loss or damage to property.
  • This insurance does not cover members for damage to, or loss of, or theft of, their kite/s which is normally covered under a ‘Contents Policy’. Some insurers will not cover sports equipment and there are a variety of views as to whether kites are sports equipment. Insurers may impose an article value limit, and this might extend to a ‘collection’ of kites. Check your policy carefully.