Newsletter Content

The Midlands Kite Fliers holds a complete set of editions of the newsletter. The following table lists a summary of the content from the first one that was issued in 1979 up to 2007:

Accession number Date Article title Author Synopsis Key words
0001 April 1979 Various Souten, Bill General articles on fly-ins etc
0002 June 1979 Various Souten, Bill General articles on fly-ins etc and letter from CAA, article on ‘cloud’ flown in desert and Wrights kite Wright
0002 June 1979 Various Souten, Bill Kite, folded paper Plan
0003 July 1979 Various Souten, Bill Kiting events
0004 September 1979 Various Souten, Bill Article on tethered generators, copy of ad for ‘The Klondyke Nugget’ (SF Cody) High altitude, generator, Cody
0004 September 1979 Project KARA 1980 Whitehouse, Jim Article launching the plan to break world altitude record for kites KARA,history,record
0004 September 1979 Boomerangs Jordan, John Description of boomerangs and throwing including bibliography Boomerang
0005 December 1979 Kites Earl, J Carmichael Reproduction from Popular Flying 1935 with brief history of kite flying History
0005 December 1979 When the balloon went up Article describing breach of the Air Navigation Order for displaying advertising History,law
0005 December 1979 More about boomerangs Jordan, John Article on construction of boomerangs, throwing etc Boomerang
0005 December 1979 MKF our first year Souten, Rena MKFs first year with references to boomerangs, KARA, events etc History
0005 December 1979 Various Newpaper clippings on the KARA altitude record attempt an article on KARA KARA, history,record
0006 March 1980 Various Newpaper clippings on the KARA altitude record attempt an article on KARA KARA, history,record
0006 March 1980 The sled kite Seddon, Peter Sled kites, types, construction, materials Plan, sled
0006 March 1980 The Eddy Malay tailless kite from Scientific American Article reprint on history and background to Eddys work from September 15, 1894 edition History,Eddy
0006 March 1980 The aerial thermograph from Scientific American Article reprint on instrument sent up on Eddy’s kites History,Eddy
0006 March 1980 Hooks Hanson, Mick Boomerangs, plans, construction Boomerang
0006 March 1980 Project KARA 1980 Whitehouse, Jim Further reports on project KARA KARA, history,record
0007 June 1980 Project KARA Whitehouse, Jim Close out report on KARA including accounts and description of failed attempt KARA, history,record
0007 June 1980 A Weather Bureau kite Marvin, Prof C F Reprint from Scientific American of July 4 1896 describing construction and operation of Potter diamond cell kite History, Potter, diamond-cell
0007 June 1980 Boomerang notes 4 Jordan, John General notes on organisation for boomerang fans in UK History, boomerang
0007 June 1980 Small kites Turner, Gordan Construction of miniature kites Plan
0008 September 1980 Aerial photography Wakefield, Ken Kites, cameras and methods for aerial photography KAP, photography
0008 September 1980 An epistle Martin, Alan Review of the state of kiteflying in 1980 History
0008 September 1980 Soft kites Seddon, Peter General discussion on types of soft kites, including construction notes and sketches of the types Plan, sled, parawing, parafoil
0008 September 1980 Recent experiments in scientific kite flying Reprint from Scientific American of March 14 1896 on th Hargave kite and Lamson kite History, Lamson, Hargrave
0009 December 1980 Autogyro kites Eccleston, Don Description and plan for autogyro kite Plan, autogyro
0009 December 1980 Kite flying – the old fashioned way Seddon, Peter Brief history of high altitude kite flying in US for experimentation History, high altitude
0009 December 1980 Improving a deep sky reel Wakefield, Ken Description and plans for deep sky type kite reel Plan, reel
0009 December 1980 More on aerial photography Reedman, Keith Kite photography including release, methods etc KAP, photography
0009 December 1980 Kite photography Reprint from Scientific American November 7 1891 on methods for kite photography inlcuding kites, cameras, reels, suspension etc KAP, history, photography
0009 December 1980 A folding Malay kite Text and plan copied from Scientific American January 23 1897 on construction of a Malay kite History, Malay, plan
0010 March 1981 Kite flying and the weather Seddon, Peter US weather bureau for the best kite flying weather Weather
0010 March 1981 Kite sails – the key to the cargo ships future Kites flown from cargo ships to give auxiliary power. Proposal made in London by Prof Glen Schaefer History
0010 March 1981 Traction by kites The Engineer The power of wind for travelling on land. Tried by Pocock in June 1828 History, Pocock
0010 March 1981 Paul Garber Target kite imitates plane’s flight Extracted from Popular Science May 1945. Kites for machine gunners to rip apart History, Garber
0010 March 1981 Early experiments Tiberius Cavello To observe electricity of the atmosphere with an electrical kite. One that could be used in a thunderstorm. A complete treatise of electricity 1777 History, electricity
0010 March 1981 Wind power rules OK Eccleston, Don Proposing the first British big wind power generator History, electricity
0010 March 1981 Cody the illiterate genius JB Describes Cody’s skill at mechanical invention History, Cody
0011 June 1981 Ed Grauel’s Bullet kite Basically the bullet is a sled. Plan of the bullet kite Plan, Bullet kite
0011 June 1981 Cody the naval trials 1908 Walker, Percy B Experiment with a Cody kite History, Cody
0011 June 1981 Autogyro kites Plan of autogyro kite Plan, autogyro
0011 June 1981 A Weather Bureau kite how it is constructed Henry, Alfred J From Scientific American supplement Dec 31st 1910. Plans and forms of construction for high wind, moderate wind and light wind kites. History, Bureau kite
0011 June 1981 Chinese Kites Scientific American March 24th 1888. Construction of Chinese kites History, Chinese kites
0011 June 1981 A Flyer for the masses Part parafoil part gocart, is this the future model? Parafoil
0011 June 1981 Make a proposal Seddon, Peter Programme of experiments to increase knowledge KARA,history,record
0012 September 1981 Recent experiments in scientific kite flying Scientific American March 14 1896 reprint of building Malays and Hargraves Experiments
0012 September 1981 Roman Candle Barker, John The first Roman Candle. The newsletter of the Bearly Made It Skydive Squad together with plan of parachute Plan, parachute, bear
0012 September 1981 Parascending – modern answer to man-lifting Eccleston, Don Describes Eccleston’s experiences trying parascending Parascending, man-lifting
0012 September 1981 Lamson’s multi-plane folding kite Plan of Charles H Lamson’s multiplane folding kite Plan, Lamson
0012 September 1981 Delta (pilch) Mark Plan for a delta variant by Pilch of Nottingham Plan, delta
0013 October 1988 Le Solo Loosdregt, Henri Plan for Le Solo, 1.76m windspan delta conyne variant Plan, Le Solo
0013 October 1988 Mini Cody Weterings Plan for mini Cody and mini facet kites Plan, Cody, facet
0014 January 1989 Mini Cody Weterings Plan for mini Cody and mini facet kites with english translation Plan, Cody, facet
0015 April 1989 Papir Sarkana Istvan, Bodoczky Extract on flat kite design, Fureszsarkany Plan, Fureszsarkany
0016 July 1989 Kite firm flies high Leach, Andrew Reprint from the Birmingham Post 29th June 1989 on Malvern Kites Malvern
0016 July 1989 Newspaper reprints Articles from Express and Star 5th June 1989 and Daily News 1st June 1989 on Longbridge Kite Festival Longbridge
0017 January 1990 Take flight on a soaring kite Green, William Reprint of article from the Sunday Times 12th November 1989 discussing growing popularity of kite flying and new kite types
0017 January 1990 Design your own drogue Lawrence, Eric Description and plan of drogue design Plan, drogue
0017 January 1990 Stress goes with the wind Reprint from Today 10th July 1989 on high profile celebrity kitefliers Celebrity
0017 January 1990 High flyers big day Hillcox, Peter Reprint from the News October 1988 of the Sutton Park diary covering MKF OSOW OSOW
0018 April 1990 The sky is the limit Reprint from Solihull News 9th February 1990 on Mark Sandoz and his new code kite design Sandoz, Codes
0018 April 1990 Flying visit Reprint from Telegraph 14th April 1990 picture of Margaret Thatcher and George Bush Snr with Bermudan stick kites Bermuda stick
0018 April 1990 Le Chickichong Kite plan from Le Lucane January 1990 for a small paper kite Plan, folded paper
0018 April 1990 Make a kite Sunday Times magazine 31st July 1988 plan for a diamond kite Plan, diamond
0018 April 1990 Kite record bid grounded Smith, Sue Newspaper reprints on Reg Jones, banned attempt at a world altitude record over the Clent Hills Record
0018 April 1990 Lets go fly a kite Sachs, Susan Reprint from Readers Digest August 1989 describing Dieppe Kite Festival Dieppe
0018 April 1990 Flying Dutchman Reprint from Radio communication October 1989 describing lifting techniques for HF Antennas using multiple kites achieved in Holland Radio, record
0018 April 1990 Parasled Harm Reprint of plans for a parasled type Plan, parasled
0019 June 1990 Duos hobby for high fliers Newspaper reprints on Alcester kite club members and Northampton kite event
0020 July 1990 The magical creature that dances….. Davies, Tom Reprint from Observer 6th May 1990 on Steve Brockett flying in Manchester Brockett
0021 September 1990 On a string and a prayer Cohen, Amon Reprint from the Independent 9th October 1990 of general kite flying interest including OSOW OSOW
0022 January 1991 High as a kite Naylor, Brian Reprint from Whats On magazine August 1990 including plans for a basic sled kite and general discussion on kite history Plan,sled
0023 December 1995 The Crescent Larson, John Plan of a twin line stunt kite – claim that it will rotate about its own centre like a segment of a disk Plan,Crescent
0023 December 1995 Flying a kite within the law White, Julie New CAA rules relating to flying kites CAA, law
0023 December 1995 Have you weighed your kite recently Hughes, David Discussion on the air navigation order ANO, law
0024 March 1996 Project KARA attempt 1980 White, Julie Recollections and critic on the Project KARA, kite altitude record attempt 1980 KARA, record,history
0024 March 1996 Happy Hex Slater, Tony Plan of a hex kite – Shropshire Kite Group 1995 Pan, hex
0024 March 1996 Kite fishing Murray, John Different form of kite fishing involving a line climber to lift the baited hooks into deeper water Fishing
0025 September 1996 The mini rokaku Description of small mylar rokaku Plan, rokaku
0025 September 1996 Kite review – AzizA Review of the AzizA kite Review, AzizA
0025 September 1996 Tako Kichi Eason, Mike Reprint from newsletter of SCI-FI Group from the USA describing use of acrylics on Tyvek Technology,tyvek, paint,materials
0025 September 1996 Advice and information Questions and answers on a range of kite related issues Transport, Tyvek materials, linestrength,Peter Powell, STACK
0025 September 1996 Never work with … Poxon, Alan Alan describes working good morning for the BBC on a kite related item BBC, TV
0025 September 1996 Do you wear an anorak? Kuhn, Derek Derek describes doing a radio interview for BBC West Midlands BBC, Radio
0027 March 1997 Sue Poxon – Obituary Binney, Graham Obituary for Sue Poxon Poxon
0027 March 1997 Date of Protection Act What the data protection act means to MKF Data protection
0027 March 1997 The Shropshire Rok Slater, Tony Plan for a mylar small rok Plan, rokaku
0027 March 1997 Never fly your kite in a thunderstom Simons, Paul Discussion about the impact of thunderstorms on kite flying with some examples of lightning strikes Weather, thunderstorm and safety
0027 March 1997 My kite design rules Larson, John Discussion on aerodynamics relating to kites including diagrams Aerodynamics
0027 March 1997 Jam Session Wardley, Andy and Rogers, Bill The reviews HQ kites Jam Session Review, Jam Session
0027 March 1997 Tissutex – A new kitemaking material Waddington, Pete Review of material suitable for miniature kite making Technique, materials, Tissutex
0028 October 1997 Kite Plans – Strike Fighter Billings, Steve Plan for a fighter kite Plan, fighter kite
0028 October 1997 The Enigma Box Womack, Phil Plan and construction details for the Enigma winged box kite Plan, Enigma
0028 October 1997 Transition Tails Tucker, Stretch Method for constructing graphic tails first designed by Scott Spencer Plan, tails
0028 October 1997 Construction processes for building kites Tucker, Stretch Tucker describes his process from design to bridling Technique, construction
0028 October 1997 Advice and information Questions and answers on a range of kite related issues Circoflex, kitebag, axel
0028 October 1997 Cutting kites material Nelson, Mike Pattern making and cutting techniques for modern kite materials Technique, materials
0029 December 1997 Never say never Poxon, Alan Alan describes being invited to take part in a TV production BBC, TV
0029 December 1997 Goody Slater, Tony Plan and description for a Mylar fighter kite Plan, fighter kite
0029 December 1997 Kite recipe No 5 – Quad Dave Construction details for a four line kite Plan, quad kite
0029 December 1997 Spooky fighter Broadhead, Fred Plan and construction details for a fighter/Malay style kite Plan, fighter kite
0029 December 1997 MKF logo construction Construction details for the MKF logo Plan, MKF logo
0030 June 1998 Kite arch plan Murray, John Plan and construction details for an arch of Mala style kites Plan, arch
0030 June 1998 Try this homemade reel Mackie, Alan Construction details for a plastic kite reel Plan, reel
0030 June 1998 Wee-wun Slater, Tony Plan and consruction details for a Mylar fighter kite Plan, fighter kite
0030 June 1998 Grisehale Kjeldgaard, Ove Pigstail device for attaching line junk to a line Plan, pigstail
0030 June 1998 Study of box kites Grauel, Ed Reprint from Drachen Foundation of an article discussing box kites proportions Box kite
0031 September 1998 Making larger kites Longbottom, Karl Article describes materials and methods for construction of kites over 50 sq metres Techique, construction, materials
0031 September 1998 World kite endurance record attempt Campbell, Dorothy and Ken Team from Northern Kite Group including MKF members Dorothy and Ken Campbell make an attempt on the world kite endurance record Record
0031 September 1998 Kite review Squadron Kites Slater, Tony Slater describes the range and construction of squadron kit kites Review, Squadron Kites
0031 September 1998 Tetrahedral kite plan Thyssen, Anthony Construction methods for a bell tetrahedral kite in modern materials Plan, tetrahedral
0031 September 1998 Advice and information Questions and answers on a range of kite related issues. Sport kite basics, celebrity kite fliers, downwind turbulance and spheres
0032 December 1998 The wind garden Salmon, Dave Describes the original wind gardens and MKF’s plan to produce their own Wind garden
0032 December 1998 Didier Ferment’s Ceil Libre Salmon, Dave and Ferment, Didier Wazo three line kite, No 4-Brut four line kite and Duo d’rc four line kite, construction details and plans for these interesting kites Plan, construction, Wazo, 4-Brut and Duo d’rc
0032 December 1998 Rec. dot kites arch winds Sansom, Terry Kite arch wins 1st place. The large kite arch included panels made by 38 different makers Kite arch
0032 December 1998 Advice and information Questions and answers on a range of kite related issues Clearing line raps, why fly
0033 March 1999 Mi-delt Broadhead, Fred Variable towpoint keel delta, plan and construction details Plan, Delta
0033 March 1999 Friendship arch Salmon, Dave Plan and construction details for an arch of small diamond kites Plan, arch
0033 March 1999 Didier Ferment’s Ceil Libre Ferment, Didier Bubulle 4. Plastic bag kite plan and the ‘white and black’ kite, winner of the 1998 Dieppe Kite Festival Plan, Bubulle 4, ‘ white and black’
0033 March 1999 Advice and information Questions and answers on a range of kite related issues Cleaning lines, joining spectra
0033 March 1999 Parachute kite White, Jim Plan and construction details for an origami kite Plan, Origami
0033 March 1999 Kite review Buzzard Slater, Tony Slater reviews the single line Buzzard kite by Merlin Kites Review, Buzzard
0033 March 1999 Bombay fighters or fighter fever Bernie Bernie describes his involvement in fighter kites Kite fighting
0033 March 1999 Dorstone workshop weekend Longbottom, Karl and Sara The Longbottoms introduced the planned balls prior to the workshop. Article includes plans Plan, ball
0034 July 1999 Buzzmill Salmon, Dave Construction details for humming windmill Plan, windmill
0034 July 1999 Club Hawian Salmon, Dave Plan and construction details for MKF branded 3 metre hawian Plan, Hawian
0034 July 1999 Advice and information Questions and answers on a range of kite related issues 4 line handles, sewing seams, techniques
0034 July 1999 Big is beautiful Poxon, Alan Poxon discusses the trend towards larger kites Large kites
0034 July 1999 A tall tale of a stake in the grass Poxon, Alan Poxon describes the stake in the grass ground stake Ground stake
0035 October 1999 The hedge kite Longbottom, Karl Plan and construction details for single line tailed kite Plan, hedge kite
0035 October 1999 Pentagon-duo Richardson, Linda Plan and construction details for kite formed from two pentagons Plan, Pentagon-duo
0035 October 1999 Press Release Brief article describing how Stormy Weathers high altitude kite was recovered in Washington State in August 1999 having reached an altitude of 12,340 ft when its line broke Records
0035 October 1999 Advice and information Questions and answers on a range of kite related issues Superglue, equalising lines
0035 October 1999 Wind Garden Salmon, Dave and Poxon, Alan Salmon describes a wind rattle whilst Poxon describes how to make bottle spinners Wind garden
0036 January 2000 Reviews Webb, Steve Walt Review and commentary on the flying characteristics of the Sea-quad Review, Sea-quad
0037 June 2000 Projekt E2 Kurbjuhn, Hennes Description of a Europe wide project to build a kite in limited colours and consisting of limited fixed elements. The project was open to kite makers across Europe to see how creative they could be within the rules. Projekt E2
0038 September 2000 Dumb things….. Cronin, Jim Cronin discusses the strange things people will do and say when kites are around. Events
0038 September 2000 The kite, or the fall of pride Newton, John Newton’s poem about kite flying Newton, poem
0039 December 2000 Stolen kites Salmon, Dave Salmon discusses a theft and some simple precautions Kite theft, law
0039 December 2000 Declining interest Harris, Martin Harris considers the case for declining numbers at kite events Events
0039 December 2000 Projekt E2 Vossen, Otto Update on the pan-European construction project Projekt E2
0039 December 2000 The survey of Korean kites Sang-Su, Choe and Larson, John Translation and notes on a book published in Seoul in October 1958 describing the background to Korean kiteflying and construction of Korean kites Plan, Korean
0040 March 2001 Kiteboarding Eaton, John Eaton reviews equipment and techniques for kiteboarding Kiteboarding
0040 March 2001 Setting up your sport kite Advice on setting up sport kite prior to flight Techniques, sport kite
0040 March 2001 2 line kite multi-flying Salmon, Dave Dave discusses techniques for flying multiple precision kites drawing on the experience of Ray Bethell and Ian Vesty Techniques, sport kite
0041 July 2001 Events
0042 November 2001 Flight School UK 2001 Harris, Martin Martin describes the Dodd Gross flight school held at Shipley Events
0042 November 2001 Fredform Broadhead, Fred Plan and construction details for a flowform Plan, flowform
0043 December 2001 Fredform plan update Broadhead, Fred Corrections to eroneous measurements on Fredform plan Plan, flowform
0043 December 2001 OSOW – UK has a new home… Cronin, Jim Cronin gives details of the new hosting arrangements for the OSOW web site in the UK OSOW
0043 December 2001 Bridling an Indian fighter kite Turpin, Shirley and Dick The Turpins discuss bridling arrangements for Indian fighting kites Techniques, bridling, fighter kite
0043 December 2001 Team flying- beginning team basics Tanaka, Bert Using photographs from Sky Symphony this article discusses in some detail getting started in team precision flying Team flying, sport kite
0044 March 2002 Tale of the dragon Huxtable, John Huxtable describes his development of a large dragon kite and its early flights Plan, dragon
0044 March 2002 How to snap, stall and axel Roe, Terry Roe describes execution of a number of precision flying tricks Techniques,sport kite
0044 March 2002 Mi Cornu Broadhead, Fred Plan and construction details for Broadhead’s version of the le Cornu Plan, le Cornu, My Cornu
0045 Summer 2002 The secret kite Ellis, Deborah Short story about kite flying in Afghanistan Afghanistan, Taliban
0045 Summer 2002 Mikes lights Sherwood, Mike Sherwood describes his system for lighting sport kites Lights, sports kites
0045 Summer 2002 Tipstands – coin toss,flick flacks and lazy susans Roe, Terry Roe describes a number of tricks for 2 line kites Techniques, sport kites, tricks
0045 Summer 2002 Mi Spar Broadhead, Fred Broadhead gives plans and construction tips for a replacement spar for flexifoil kites and similar uses Techniques, spars
0045 Summer 2002 Rokaku flying and fighting Gomberg, David Extract from Gombergs book on techniques for fighting kites Techniques, rokaku
0046 Autumn 2002 A shiny example to newcomers Wright, Peter Wright describes his experiments with lights on various types of kite Lights, techniques
0046 Autumn 2002 Tributes to festivals founder Carol Lesley Lewis organised the Coventry Kite Festival. Carol dies in January 2002 and this article describes the memorial to her Lewis
0046 Autumn 2002 Dynamize your bridle Carline, Roy Carline describes a dynamic bridling system Techniques, bridles
0046 Autumn 2002 Spike Womack, Phil Construction details for a spiked ball Plans, ball
0047 Winter 2002 Shanghai imposes kite ban Shanghai imposes kite ban China, ban
0047 Winter 2002 Teenage daredevil out to rule the waves Article on Ross Milton who aims to achieve kite surfing success Kite surf
0047 Winter 2002 BBC trail, Look North Binney, Graham Filming for a BBC trail at Flamborough Head TV, Sky Symphony
0047 Winter 2002 Afghanistan: artistry in the air Podelco, Grant Description of kite flying in Afghanistan post Taliban Afghanistan, Taliban, kite fighting
0047 Winter 2002 Spool to reel conversion kit Description of conversion kit by Mick Beasley for a standard 8″ plastic reel Reel
0047 Winter 2002 Bubble blowing machine Bonati, Alberto Outline plan for a kite suspended bubble blowing machine Plan, bubble
0048 Spring 2003 Kite duals spark rioting in Gujarat Bedi, Rahul Extract from the Daily Telegraph on riots at a kite flying contest in Gujarat state, India India, Gujarat, kite fighting
0048 Spring 2003 16 years later – Eric flys again Swift, Jerry Description of fligh Eric the Jorvik Viking Centre Serpent Kite at York after a break of 16 years Eric, serpent kite, Jorvik
0048 Spring 2003 Tales from a first time sport kite builder Williams, John Williams discusses his approach to kite building Techniques, construction
0048 Spring 2003 Chain windsock Batchelor, Andrew Batchelor gives plan and description for a windsock that forms a giant chain Plan, windsock
0049 Summer 2003 Eric really did fly Shuker, Harry Shuker recalls the first flight of Eric the Jorvic Viking Centre Serpent Kite in 1986 Eric, serpent kite, Jorvik
0049 Summer 2003 Night flying can be dangerous Wright, Peter Wright discusses the perils of night flying Night flying
0049 Summer 2003 Kite flyers facing murder charge Lahore, Punjab in Pakistan sees kite flyers being charged with murder through use of sharp line Kite fighting, Pakistan, Lahore, law
0049 Summer 2003 Making my first kite Landers, Ray Landers discusses making his first kite, a Pearson’s Roller Roller, techniques, construction
0049 Summer 2003 MKF banner patterns Caton, Jon and Franchesca The Caton’s describe supply of materials for the MKF banner Banner, construction, materials
0049 Summer 2003 Kite making for beginners Gilhooley, Jan Gilhooley makes a custom version of a Revolution Techniques, construction, Rev
0049 Summer 2003 All wound up! Musk, Peter Musk gives details of a wooden reel constructed to take a standard 6″ plastic reel Reel
0049 Summer 2003 Bertie Bassett Hodgson, Kevin Hodgson discusses his Bertie Bassett inflatable Inflatable, Bassett
0049 Summer 2003 CBBC kite test Brief article on kites featured on the childrens TV channel TV, children
0049 Summer 2003 Aeropane kite Holt, David Holt gives plans and constructional details for his fighter plane kite Plan, aeroplane, foil
0050 Autumn 2003 New national body for UK kite fliers Swift, Jerry Swift invites thoughts on the creation of a UK National Body for all kite fliers BKFA
0050 Autumn 2003 Soft kite self launch Jenkins, John Jenkins describes a method for launching soft kites unassisted Techniques, foil
0050 Autumn 2003 Bens kite never flew Matthews, Robert Reprint from Daily Telegraph of an article questioning whether Benjamin Franklin’s famous experiment actually took place Franklin, history
0050 Autumn 2003 Kite arch project Murray, John Reproduction of an article from The Australian Kite Society of the construction of a kite arch Plan, arch
0050 Autumn 2003 Evergreen aviation museum to exhibit Reprint of a brief article on a kite display in an aviation museum History
0050 Autumn 2003 Ban to continue Naseer, Khawaja Article from the Pakistan Daily Times on the background to continuing ban all kite flying in Lahore Ban, Lahore, kite fighting
0050 Autumn 2003 Indonesian kite museum Channelasia News Describes a new kite museum in Indonesia and kite festival in the Phillippines Museum, Indonesia
0051 Winter 2003 Sand yacht pilot charged Pilot of a sand yacht is charged with manslaughter following an accident at St Annes in Lancashire Accident, St Annes, law
0051 Winter 2003 Happy Anniversary Sam Sewell, Roger Sewell pays tribute to Cody’s channel crossing in 1903 Cody
0051 Winter 2003 North American fighter kites Lambert, Bruce Review and details on a new book on fighting kites written by Lambert Fighter kite, book
0051 Winter 2003 Dispute over worlds largest kite Nolan, Tanya Interview with Peter Lynn arguing the case for his kites holding the world record Lynn, record
0051 Winter 2003 Sewing applique designs Storey, Sue Storey describes techniques for appliqueing kites Techniques, construction
0051 Winter 2003 Fightin’ words – it’s the kite! Peter, Paul Peter describes construction and control techniques for an Indian fighter kite Techniques, bridling, fighter kite
0052 Spring 2004 Project KARA 1 White, Julie White describes the kite altitude record attempt in 1980 led by the MKF and offers a copy of the full report on the attemptwhich reached 8,000 ft KARA, record
0052 Spring 2004 Project KARA 2 Montague-Smith, David Invitation to join a new attempt on the world kite altitude record KARA, record, history
0052 Spring 2004 Fury Robertshaw, Carl Review of Robertshaws new Fury design Review, Fury
0052 Spring 2004 Kites make for an especially Good Friday Easter kite flying in Bermuda with description of a number of local kite types Bermuda, history
0052 Spring 2004 Kite flying in Lahore Reddy, C.Rammanohar Basant kite festival in Lahore is described along with the background to this event, reproduced from the Hindu Times Lahore, fighter kites, Basant
0052 Spring 2004 So you want to make a kite? Dazzz Details of kite plan websites and hundreds of plans available on the internet Plan
0053 Summer 2004 BKFA news update MKF confirms support for BKFA BKFA
0053 Summer 2004 RICE is good for you Describes treatment for ankle sprains Medical
0053 Summer 2004 Eric flies again Gray-Smith, Alison Eric the Jorvik Viking Serpent flying at Beverley kite festival Eric, serpent kite, Jorvik
0053 Summer 2004 Risk assessment Swift, Jerry Swift describes MKF’s approach to risk assessment and the model developed based on Lloyds Register Rail system Risk assessment, health and safety
0054 Autumn 2004 KARA 2 update Montague-Smith, David Montague-Smith updates on the planned attempt on the UK kite altitude record KARA, history, record
0054 Autumn 2004 Father plunges to death Clip from Scotsman newspaper about kite flyer who fell from Newhaven cliff Accident, Newhaven
0054 Autumn 2004 Council know better than Taliban Report of a ban by Rossendale Council on a kite competition through lack of permissions and adequate insurance Ban
0054 Autumn 2004 Kite retrieval techniques Webb, Steve Walt Webb describes a number of techniques which could be used to extricate kites from trees Technique
0054 Autumn 2004 Calling all nite fliers Howard, Jon Howard attaches glow sticks to kites for use at night and introduces a number of relevant web sites Night flying
0055 Winter 2004 The Sky’s No Limit King, Gary King discusses learning to fly a 2 line power kite reprinted from the Daily Telegraph Power kite
0055 Winter 2004 Anti kite fliers demand complete ban on Basant Howard, Jon Article from the Daily Times in Pakistan reporting further bans on kite flying associated with the Basant festival Basant, kite fighting, ban
0055 Winter 2004 Modified Rev shape Reproduction from on Rev developmental ideas by Guido Maiocchi Rev, plan
0056 Spring 2005 Kite aerial photography one year of KAP Williams, John Williams describes his experiences with aerial photography and gives some useful references KAP, techniques
0056 Spring 2005 Kite altitude record attempt 2 England, Dennis England gives an update on the planned attempt on the UK altitude record for kites flown in train, describing the equipment and the planned method KARA, record, history
0056 Spring 2005 KARA Down Under Moore, Bob Moore, of Australia, describes his attempts on the world altitude record for a single kite. He talks about the equipment, line and other facilities he is using in the attempt KARA, record, history
0056 Spring 2005 Big kite over Kuwait Agency report on one of Peter Lynn’s new very large kites the Kuwait national flag Peter Lynn, world largest kite, record
0056 Spring 2005 Kites could generate power Extract from The Scotsman describing the use of high altitude kites in power generation Research, power kites, electricity
0056 Spring 2005 Kites in Industry Waitley, Denis Waitley decribes how a kite was used to get the first line across Niagara Falls Niagara, kite lifting
0056 Spring 2005 DIY Vents Beasley, Mick Beasley discusses modification of existing kites to achieve venting for high winds Plan, techniques
0056 Spring 2005 Single-tether paper kite Staller, KG Plan and construction for a sparless paper kite Plan, techniques
0056 Spring 2005 Who are Sky Symphony Team profile including details of kites for MKF’s precision team, Sky Symphony Sky Symphony
0057 Summer 2005 Kite altitude record attempt 2 England, Dennis England concludes his description of the planned attempt on the UK altitude record for multiple kites KARA, record, history
0057 Summer 2005 Sandusky facilities puts space kite through its facilities Laidman, Jenni Description of American research into a material for use as a kite intended to be powered by light Research, space
0058 Autumn 2005 Kite flying in Jerusalem Goddard, Michael An article describing Jerusalem kite festival with some additional background material on kite flying in the Israeli State Israel
0059 Winter 2005 Kite aerial photography Ramessa, Mark Ramessa describes his venture into kite aerial photography KAP, techniques
0059 Winter 2005 Keep it secure! Pryor, Gilli With assistance from Derbyshire Police and a crime prevention company, Pryor discusses a number of techniques for crime prevention and to aid recovery in the event of loss Security
0060 Spring 2006 KARA 2 update England, Dennis England updates the planned attempt on the UK multiple kite altitude record KARA, record, history
0060 Spring 2006 Kite stops train Binney, Graham With extracts from national newspapers, Binney describes a recent incident when a kite ended up in railway overhead power cables Safety, accident
0060 Spring 2006 Kites in history – Renaissance man Roy, LuAnne This article describes an exhibition about many aspects of Ben Franklin’s life, his inventions and passions Franklin, history
0060 Spring 2006 Flights of fancy in a kite spangled sky From the afternoon Dispatch and Courier India, this article describes the Sankrant festival Kite fighting, India
0060 Spring 2006 World’s largest kite flies in Tokyo Web report on a new Peter Lynn kite flown for the first time in Tokyo Peter Lynn, world largest kite, record
0060 Spring 2006 Joy in watching kites soar Sen, Teoh El Reproduced from a Malaysian newspaper, this article describes Roger Tan and his involvement in all aspects of kite flying Tan, Malaysia
0060 Spring 2006 Maori kite culture headed for international festival Web article tells how three Kerikeri teachers will be introducing traditional Maori kite flying in France Maori, history
0060 Spring 2006 Gujarat prepares kite making project for minorities Web article describes how state government intends to set up craft kite making industry India, Gujarat, kite fighting
0060 Spring 2006 Beluga group signs contract for sky sail power Lepisto, Christine Article descibes planned use of very large kites for towing ships Research, power kite, ship
0061 Summer 2006 Lloyd Kirton Orbituaries for MKF’s former newsletter editor who died tragicaly young Kirton
0061 Summer 2006 Eddie McGrath Orbituaries for MKF’s long standing and very active member McGrath
0061 Summer 2006 Schools project Hancock, Helen and Sutton, Steve Sutton and Hancock describe their work so far and the successes in the project to bring kite flying into inner city schools School, education
0061 Summer 2006 Fighter kites are fun Wallace, Stafford Wallace describes his background in Indian kite flying and what motivates him Fighting kites, Wallace
0061 Summer 2006 BKFA News update 2 Swift, Jerry Update from BKFA on insurance, legislation, bans and accidents. Brunel competition is also included BKFA, legislation, accident
0062 Autumn 2006 BKFA Report Swift, Jerry Update on the KARA record attempt KARA, record, history
0062 Autumn 2006 Schools project Hancock, Helen and Sutton, Steve Further update on the work being undertaken as part of MKF’s schools project School, education
0062 Autumn 2006 KARA2, reflections of the event from a woman’s eye view Beasley, Carol Beasley describes the trials and tribulations of the KARA2 attempt KARA, record, history
0062 Autumn 2006 The Trident Clements, Mark Clements describes his development of a new sport kite design Sport kite, techniques, construction
0062 Autumn 2006 Freestyle flight school Beasley, Bryan Discussion on the difference between trick and freestyle flying with instruction on completing the axel and 540 flat spin manouvres Sport kite, techniques, construction
0062 Autumn 2006 Kite aerial photoography – yet another year or two Williams, John Williams describes his further exploration of kite aerial photography and his latest equipment KAP, techniques
0062 Autumn 2006 Moorish kite review Bindon, Peter and Sarah Review of Robert van Weers Moorish Idol fish line junk Line junk
0063 Winter 2006 Schools project Hancock, Helen and Sutton, Steve Update on progress of the schools project in Leicestershire School, education
0063 Winter 2006 If you ever go across to sea to Ireland White, Jim and Julie The Whites find a bronze statue of a girl kite flying available for sale in Ireland Art
0063 Winter 2006 U2 could own Bono’s kite! Hoby, Katherine A kite used by U2 lead singer Bono as a prop during a concert is put up for auction Charity
0063 Winter 2006 Workshop Storey, Sue Storey describes construction of a personalised banner Techniques, banner
0064 Spring 2007 Angels over Swindon Reference to Carl Robertshaw’s installation in Swindon Robertshaw, angel
0064 Spring 2007 The MKF Forum – whats that all about? Bindon, Peter Description of the MKF Forum and some useful information on how to use it Forum
0064 Spring 2007 The schools project – the 1st MKF school championships Hancock, Helen and Sutton, Steve Hancock and Sutton describe this MKF led schools project School, education
0064 Spring 2007 Freestyle flight school Beasley, Bryan Beasley describes a number of current freestyle and trick flying dual line kites, and describes how to do the fade and lazy susan tricks Dual line, trick, freestyle, techniques
0065 Summer 2007 Schools project Hancock, Helen and Sutton, Steve Description of the schools championship that formed part of MKF’s schools project School, education
0065 Summer 2007 The MKF Forum – whats that all about? – Part 2 Bindon, Peter Second part of an article describing MKF’s Forum Forum
0065 Summer 2007 Ground anchors Angell, R Description of an approach to ground anchoring Anchor, technique
0065 Summer 2007 A focus on Apedale Community Country Park flying site Clarke, Andy Clarke discusses facilities at Apedale and bakground to the site Apedale, flying site
0065 Summer 2007 Fractal City Raymond, Brian Raymond describes a possible public art installation based on kite structures Art
0066 Autumn 2007 Wind turbine Clow, Dean Plan and construction details for a 4 section wind turbine Plan, turbine
0066 Autumn 2007 KARA 2 2007 attempt Swift, Jerry Swift discusses the latest attempt on the UK altitude record for multiple kites flown in train KARA, record, history
0066 Autumn 2007 Wind turbine (another one) Poxon, Alan Poxon describes his 4 metre diameter windmill Plan, turbine